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"Hast du dich jemals in dein Zimmer eingeschlossen und das Radio so laut aufgedreht dass niemand dich schreien gehört hat? Willkommen in meinem Leben!"

"I drift away to a place
Another kind of life
Take away the pain
I create my paradise

Falling apart, and all that I’m asking
Is a crime, am I overreacting

Oh, he’s under my skin
Just give me something to get rid of him

I’ve got a reason now to bury this alive
Another little white lie

I don’t believe I’ll be alright
I don’t believe I’ll be ok

I don’t believe how you throw me away
I do believe you didn’t try
I do blame you for every lie
When I look in your eyes, I don’t see mine "

I can have anything I want
They say I’m just too young,
but it’s not my fault
I'll find my own way home if I gotta
I'll make it all alone if I gotta

...I just wanna be something special...

You and me, all alone
It's to late to say we didn't know
We shouldn't be, all alone
Watching my frusterations grow

I know what I feel and you feel it too
I dream of the first kiss and who'll make the first move

Who's gonna put their heart on the line
It could be me
It could be you, tonight

Show me, who you are
Stop me before I go to far
Cuz it hurts, to hold back

So hold me or I might crack
I'm gasoline, you're the match
I'm not sure if we could handle that
It might explode, could be a mess
I say we take the chance

I'm all mixed up, confused
I don't know what to do
Cuz I want to, I'd love to
If I knew you'd want me to
If your getting any closer then I'm gonna have to scream

That's what every girl needs

Weißt du was du mir bedeutest?
Auf einem Platz in meinem herz
steht dein name an der Wand
und ich will dass du es erfährst
ich werde immer an dich glauben
egal was auch passiert


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